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From: Janis Kracht (1:261/38)
To: All
Date: Sun, 26.12.10 01:28
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
Hi Ross!

Hope you had a great Christmas Smile

>> And yet the only action you can come up with backing up your statement
>> that he "rules from the far-left" is a republican-dreamed up health
>> plan that came from a republican official. And you say I'm insane.

>and why would you need proof considering that your definition of far left is a
> dynamic as the weather?

I don't need proof Ross.. but I would like to know if somehow, somewhere you
saw or heard of him doing something "left-ish" that I didn't heh

> No you dont know the numbers in the House, I cited the total number of
> Congresspeople, 435 House, 100 Senate..

'scuse me.. I meant congress. Figured you'd realize that ..
Blame it on celebrating the holiday

>>> You disregarded the other point I made about the govt going to
>>> extreme measure to keep its secrets because of this, Assange wont
>>> force any govt to keep less secrets..

>> Perhaps. But people will know about it. There's a certain j'ne sais
>> quoi about that. That makes it a good thing. 'Knowledge is
>> security'... as opposed to 'Security through obscurity'

> Security through obscurity is not the concept you meant to employ...

Yes, I did. Keeping secrets does no one any good. It's just a matter of time
before the 'truth' comes out.

>It is said that Linux, not as widely an adopted OS as Windows, enjoys Security
> through obscurity, regarding it not being as big a target for the malware and
> the ilk..

No, it doesn't. If Linux did use security through obscurity, every kiddie root
kit user would be crashing my system day and night. Security through obscurity
is NOT the basis of the Open Source software upon which Linux is distributed.
The "theory" is quite out of fashion, and for good reason.

> Another example might be, the nation state of Luxembourg, not occupying any
>sizable territory, natural resource, access point to another natural resource,
> might enjoy security through obscurity.. Ergo, they wouldnt make anyones
> radar..

Refusing to be listed on a map would may be a better analogy... that would work
until someone stumbled upon their city. Smile

Again, the main argument here is it's just a matter of time before the truth
comes out.

>>> I will go as far as to predict that in any effort to maintain
>>> secrecy, the gov would withhold information from some whom would have
>>> a legitimate need to know..

>> I doubt it.. we do still have some agencies regarding such things and
>> oh.. a constitution

> No, your comprehension genes are malfunctioning... (G'damned LSD SmileWink


Lol - I'll ignore your insults this time...

>In an effort to insure secrecy and information security, the Govt will withhol
> information and limit it to the fewest people possible, to reduce the exit
>points for leaks.. I can see them even not telling a US Ambassador everything.

And if they go that route, just as I said, in this day and age it likely that
'hidden' detail will stay hidden for not that long a time. Someone will spill
it or dig it up.

>> or aim, etc. My reaction to the crap with Classmates carried me far
>> from "social networking", thanks but no thanks

>I have actually reconnected with several people on FB,

Glad to hear it Smile

>you just got to put out
> just the right info and limit which apps can access your profile.

Of course I know that's true. but why bother? That doesn't change the fact
that they can change their policies at any given moment, and have already done

>Uh Janis, I am 47 and have reconnected with people I went to Elementary School
> with..

> I deleted my classmates profile.

hahaha same here.. and you should have seen the crap they tried to pull

"Sorry we can't, but when your bill comes due in Sept. you will drop off
automatically.." "No, I want you to remove me right now". "We can't do that"
"You will do that, or I will contact the Attorney General of NYS". "Oh. Ok.
You're removed right now" LOL Seriously, that is about exactly how it went

> As a young child in the 60's, I had the benefit of watching you people
> misbehave, showing me how not to act..
> ;-)

Hahaha Good thing then Smile You missed some great concerts though - but you
would not have appreciated them then I'd think .

> A Bank made a business decision to stop doing business with a entity that it
> felt might cause harm to their reputation if they continued the business
> relationship, but I am sure there exists other entities that a bank does
> business with that you feel shouldnt be.

I'm not sure that was their reasoning. I think they are covering their ass
plain and simple.

Take care,

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