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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
To: All
Date: Sat, 25.12.10 11:51
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
Hello Michiel!

25 Dec 10 11:31, you wrote to me:

RC>> In a nutshell, he was delivering socialism.. You grew up with it,

MV> Let's say I did not grow up in the jungle. I grew up in a society
MV> where we do not turn our back on those among us who had the misfortune
MV> that they can not run fast enough to keep up with the rat race. Yes, I
MV> grew up a a society where we take care of those that can not take care
MV> of themselves. Call that socialism if you want, I would not want to
MV> live in a society where it is otherwise.

Unfortunately, you people are learning that socialism fails under its own

Greece, Portugal and Ireland are lessons you are learning now..

You are fools if you think your govt is serving you, for it is you that is
serving the govt.

But there is a difference between those that cannot take care of themselves and
those that wont take care of themselves..

Many over here that get on the public tit, often refuse to get off, and since I
have money taken from my paycheck before I ever see it, that goes to fund these
programs, I have every right to bitch about them.

RC>> we wont tolerate it.

MV> You won't? Have you forgotten that Obama was elected? You will not
MV> tolerate that an ELECTED president attempts to carry out what he
MV> promised during his campaign?

Irrelevant, socialism wont be tolerated.

RC>>>> The mortgage crisis triggered this economic meltdown and he
RC>>>> didnt cause it,

MV>>> It happened under his reign...

RC>> It happened not because anything he had done,

MV> It could happen because of what he did not do. He allowed it to happen
MV> by inaction.

His regulators attempted to warn Congress twice, they were rebuffed, Congress
had the authority to act.

MV>>> ...Which were also your ancestors... Or at least their
MV>>> cousins. You are of European descent are you not?

RC>> I have no Dutch ancestors..

MV> I would not be too sure about that. The Dutch were all over the place,
MV> they spread their genes pretty well. Good chance, you carry some...

I have no Dutch ancestors.

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