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From: Janis Kracht (1:261/38)
To: All
Date: Sat, 25.12.10 00:25
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
Hi Ross,

>> Lol, c'mon, you are admitting you are so far right that obama's
>> middle-of-the road seems like far-left to you Smile Smile And YES, I am
>> that far-left Smile

> I aint that far right, but for you to say Obama is moderate is insane.

And yet the only action you can come up with backing up your statement that he
"rules from the far-left" is a republican-dreamed up health plan that came from
a republican official. And you say I'm insane.

>> The congress in this country has a GREAT gov't supplied insurance
>> plan, btw.

> 535 People Janis.

Heh.. I know the numbers of members in the house.. That's why we need a real
health plan.. not some hijacked plan that allows Big Pharma and AMA to keep us
under their thumb.

>> Ha - take it to a place which is unlikely to happen, that makes sense.

>You disregarded the other point I made about the govt going to extreme measure
> to keep its secrets because of this, Assange wont force any govt to keep less
> secrets..

Perhaps. But people will know about it. There's a certain j'ne sais quoi
about that. That makes it a good thing. 'Knowledge is security'... as opposed
to 'Security through obscurity'

>I will go as far as to predict that in any effort to maintain secrecy, the gov
> would withhold information from some whom would have a legitimate need to
> know..

I doubt it.. we do still have some agencies regarding such things and oh.. a

>> Anyway, I must be about the most public person on earth Lol.. Since
>> 1994, when we started the filegate, my name, address and phone # have
>> been on the web.. in one place or another.

> Yet, you fled Facebook..

I could go back on facebook tomorrow but it's a hell of a boring place to me.
Anyone I care to talk to is either here in Fidonet, or in icq, or aim, etc. My
reaction to the crap with Classmates carried me far from "social networking",
thanks but no thanks

>>> Unfortunately, WIKILEAKS is gonna have to live off that which does
>>> leak, he will not force govt to be as transparent as your dreams
>>> seem to suggest.

>> Time will tell.

> You are naive, perhaps too many sugar cubes in the 60's.. ;-)

No, we did orange dots LOL If anything it expanded your conciousness, not kept
one at some childish level of maturity as noted by Piaget or Erikson Smile Smile

> Answer the question in the spirit it was asked, you dont have to be literal..

> If your international bank refused to stop doing business with NAMBLA, what
> would your position be?

More extremism.. and from one who swears he's not the extemist, but who says I

As far as what my bank does, if it's something that affects me or mine, I'd
dump them.. what would you do if your bank did the same?

But that's not the issue, is it? The issue you are trying to push is that you
seem to think BofA did the right thing in refusing service to Wikileaks.. you
can't compare my relationship with my bank to such a ridiculous action by BofA.
If my bank dumped an account to Wikileaks, I'd dump them most assuredly.

Take care,

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