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From: Jeff Smith (1:14/0)
To: All
Date: Sun, 03.12.06 14:00
FidoNews Editor MIA?
Hello Michiel.

03 Dec 06 15:38, you wrote to Carol Shenkenberger:

MV> Hello Carol!

MV> On Sunday December 03 2006 16:12, you wrote to Roger Nelson:

RN>>> Why are you so concerned about it?

CS>> It irks him that Z6 clings on. It especially irks him that I am
CS>> the only
MV> visible poster he's ever seen. Thats been going on for a few
CS>> years now so he
MV> gets a tad 'twisted' on if we ever existed in the
CS>> first place.

MV> Eh? Who appointed you my spokesperson?

Your not that hard to read Michiel. You speak up when you don't
see Fidonet going the way that YOU would like. You may not agree with
the existence of, or situation with Z6. Or the way that the Z6C conducts
her duties. But that isn't for you say or try to dictate. You also do
have a propensity for telling people how they should run their zones.

MV> For the record: your summary of my POV is wrong on most points.

It's very suprizing to see you say that ;)

MV> See the next issue of the Snooze.

Have you found a new propaganda tool?

MV> Cheers, Michiel

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