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From: Nigel Reed (1:124/5016)
To: All
Date: Sun, 11.12.22 21:18
Nigel's Song of the Day
Hi all,

Just want to give a push to my Facebook group, Nigel's Song of the Day.

Every day there will be a different song by a different artist or band. No
repeated artists or's quite a challenge but it's a fun way to
discover new music.

You might find an oldies from the 60's, some 70's classic rock, 80's new wave
or synth pop, maybe go back to the crooners of the 50's or some 90's pop. You
might even find some 1920's blues. You never know unless you join my FB page.

You'll find the song and band/artists, a few paragraphs of information and a
link, usually via YouTube, to the music video or at least sound recording of
the song.

The page started on Jan 1st 2020. To Dec 11th 2022, there have been 1075 unique
songs posted. There will be the occasional theme week and quizes with Amazon
giftcards or similar as prizes.

If you like what you see, please share with your friends.
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* Origin: End Of The Line BBS - (1:124/5016)


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