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From: Paul Quinn (3:640/384)
To: All
Date: Sun, 26.11.06 20:42
Hi! Miles,

On 26 Nov 06 06:45, you wrote to me:

MM> This place came with a goat to keep bits of the back section

[ ...trim... ]

MM> It was expelled to a goat farm on an off-shore island where it
MM> died in old age years later.

It might explain my wife's unwillingness, then. Mind you, I have 3 females to
contend with, and, such a loss might be as devasting for the daughters as well,
which would entail much consoling on my part. Mmm...

MM> Regrettably, none of the family were able to emote with the 2-
MM> stroke Flymow that replaced it, so guess who has the beast all to
MM> himself ?

Ahh, the handyman of the house... of course.

MM> Parts of the back lawn run from 1-in-7 to 1-in-1, yet this hover-
MM> mower works over it very nicely on the end of a rope - ain't
MM> technology grand ?

Sad Yerk. I know of such places where I work; I pity the groundsman, as he
struggles with a motorised pusher.

You are doubly blessed: the right equipment, and, the smarts to master the
task. I applaud you.

MM> Especially when it constantly explores Ziman catastrophe theory -
MM> running down cusps and ridges in different paths to those taken
MM> when being pulled up from the same location....

And, this is the same mathematical theorem expounded by that brilliant fellow
in the first Jurassic Park movie? ;-)


... Gotta go... the orderlies are about to check my room!
--- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-31012
* Origin: Quinn's Post - Maryborough, Queensland, OZ (3:640/384)


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