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From: andrew clarke (3:633/267)
To: All
Date: Sun, 14.10.12 17:56
test suite
On Sat 2012-10-13 20:25, Roy Witt (1:387/22) wrote to andrew clarke:

ac>> Does anyone here who uses MakeNL regularly feel comfortable writing a
ac>> small "test suite" for MakeNL so the developers can actually verify
ac>> it works properly?

RW> Test suite, as in control file?

Hopefully some control files from different people. The output can then be
checked with another program. I'm thinking of writing something simple in
Python to do it.

ac>> I say this because not all the MakeNL developers (well, speaking for
ac>> myself, anyway) actually use it.

ac>> Ideally MakeNL would be self-testing, but that would probably require
ac>> a lot of code changes so I don't really see that happening any time
ac>> soon.

RW> The v3.2.6b DOS version that I use has a self-test batch file that tests
RW> MNL and writes a that what you're looking for?

It's a start. Smile

RW> REM N387test.BAT file which calls MAKENL to TEST PROCESS the nodelist
RW> REM segment.

RW> REM Call MakeNL and create a test log file

Can you post your N387.CTL?

--- timEd/FreeBSD 1.11.b8
* Origin: Blizzard of Ozz, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (3:633/267)


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