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From: Christian Sacks (2:250/5)
To: n/a
Date: Thu, 21.02.19 14:41
I just made a cool Mystic app
Hey y'all,

I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but last week I registered a domain
"" and I've written an app for Mystic that can add/edit/delete
dns entries for a domain name.

Right now, on my BBS I have it set up so that if you want a subdomain off of
"" you can just log in, add an entry and it'll be live within a
few moments (dns propagation dependent of course).

As an example I've used it to set up "" to point to my bbs
domain of "". It uses the CNAME record type.

I've opened this up to anyone who would like to use it, as a way to say thank
you to all the people who have shown me help and support and kindness with my
BBSing woes and wins.

If you haven't already logged on to my BBS, head over there soon and you'll
find the applicaton in the doors menu for now until I re-organise my BBS
(which will be happening soon too i'm sure).

Best regards,
Christian aka MeaTLoTioN

?? [eml] ?? [web] ??Ŀ
?? [fsx] 21:1/158 ?? [tqw] 1337:1/101 ????
?? [rtn] 80:774/81 ?? [fdn] 2:250/5 ????

--- Mystic BBS v1.12 A43 2019/02/23 (Linux/64)
* Origin: The Quantum Wormhole, Ramsgate, UK. (2:250/5)


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