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From: Bob Ackley (1:300/3)
To: All
Date: Fri, 04.03.11 08:14
Replying to a message of Janis Kracht to Bob Ackley:

>>>>> I'm glad that PayPal rescinded this decision.. In this country at
>>>>> least, and I'm not sure about others, in order to use ebay, one now
>>>>> has to use paypal.. no other choice, last time I checked.

>>>> I just checked from my side and we can choose the payment method we
>>>> wish.

>>> That's how it used to be on PayPal/Ebay over here, as well. I think
>>> it was just a few years ago that Ebay changed their policy, requiring
>>> all sellers to use paypal.

>> Back when I was buying things there I used USPS money orders.
>> Apparently that is no longer an option - which is one more reason I no
>> longer use eBay.

>> I suspect the exclusivity requirement is to insure that eBay gets its
>> piece of the sale price.

JK> Worse yet, I think they are owned by the same people.. that's what I'd
JK> heard at least.

eBay has owned PayPal for several years. eBay had its own electronic payment
processing system (forgot the name), but when PayPal proved much more popular
they bought it, folded their system into it and abandoned their original
That happened before the end of 2004.

--- FleetStreet 1.19+
* Origin: Bob's Boneyard, Emerson, Iowa (1:300/3)


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