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From: Andrew Leary (1:320/219)
To: All
Date: Wed, 01.06.22 00:35
Hello There,

This is the GUN_CONTROL echo.

Moderator: Andrew Leary

This echo is meant to be a place that people can use to express their views on
gun control. Regardless of what those views might be. I know that this can be
"Hot" topic at times and people can have strong and adamant views. I recognize
and accept that and welcome all opinions and beliefs. I only ask that people
that choose to participate can exercize the ability to respect others with
differing opinions. Please refrain from personal insults. If one must, please
attack the idea and NOT the person posting the idea.

The topic here is obviously Gun Control. Please try to keep the discussion
related in some way to Gun Control.

I as moderator do not plan on or prefer to play any more of a part in the echo
as moderator than is necessary.

This echo may NOT be gated (in or out) to any other FTN-style network,
Internet, Newsgroups, or other message distribution mediums without
prior permission of the moderator.

Thank You,

Andrew Leary - 1:320/219 -

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