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Date: Mon, 11.04.22 13:12
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At a White House press conference today, the Biden administration officially
announced the nomination of Steve Dettelbach for ATF Director and new ATF
regulations aimed at the home manufacturing of firearms.

Dettelbach, a former classmate of Barack Obama who has been enthusiastically
endorsed by anti-2A groups like Everytown and Giffords, is the Biden
Administration's attempt to appoint someone with the same radical values as
David Chipman, but with a less embarrassing public paper trail.

The White House also announced the final rule on so-called “ghost guns”
that will classify certain parts or combinations of parts as full-on firearms.

These tyrants demonize advances in firearm technology and invent terms like
“ghost guns” to scare the uninformed into supporting their agenda.

But the truth is, the self-manufacturing of firearms is something deeply rooted
in American tradition and protected by the Constitution.

... "Remember what the doormouse said: Feed Your Head."
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