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From: Mike Dippel (3:712/1321.5)
To: All
Date: Wed, 28.09.22 13:05
Grease Cast Members
With the recent death of Olivia Newton-John, often remembered for her role of
Olsson, today's featured are Grease cast members.

I am:

23 degrees from Olivia Newton-John
24 degrees from Eunice West
24 degrees from Frankie Avalon
23 degrees from Joan Blondell
20 degrees from Stockard Channing
21 degrees from Jeff Conaway
23 degrees from Lorenzo Lamas
27 degrees from Dinah Manoff
21 degrees from John Travolta

If you would like to find your connections to famous people, you can start by
giving me
some basic information by going to:

I have developed websites for many persons interested in their family history.

Mike Dippel

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