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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12.73)
To: All
Date: Wed, 02.02.22 09:43
Riddle me this ...
On 2022 Jan 31 21:25:40, you wrote to All:

TM> Update to this ... loaded DOSBOX and it ran just fine. Win10 32bit gives
TM> me the RTE003 on the exe with XDOOR kit.

Runtime Error 3 is "Path not found" so some directory or file is being looked
for and failing to be found... XDOOR crashing with this problem indicates a
code defect because XDOOR is not catching the error and handling it properly...

FWIW: i used to use an old TSR called iolog.exe to track things like this... i
also used the mark and release tools so i could remove iolog from memory when i
was finished with it... the following .bat snippets are 4DOS style...

if exist %FDSEMA\useiolog.sem (
REM take a snapshot current memory image
REM make a semaphore so we know iolog is loaded
REM for this BBS node
REM execute the iolog TSR tool
iolog %RALOGS\raN%NODEio.log

and some place later we had this to unload iolog when it was not needed any

if exist %FDSEMA\iolog%NODE.sem (
REM reset memory to marked snapshot
REM this unloads all TSRs loaded after the snapshot was taken
REM remove the semaphore indicating iolog is loaded
del %FDSEMA\iolog%NODE.sem

so when we wanted to use iolog, we would create the useiolog.sem file in the
%FDSEMA directory and the .bat file would take care of loading and unloading it
for us... when we did not need iolog any more, we just deleted the useiolog.sem
file and we were done... this made it quite easy to use it in our BBS'
controller .bat files so we could use or not iolog without having to stop the
BBS... the existance of the semaphores was check at each recycle of the main
loop in the .bat file...

then we looked in the (eg) raN10io.log file for all the IO actions that took
place during our BBS' N10 execution time period... these files can grow quite
large pretty quickly if one is not careful...


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