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From: Daryl Stout (1:19/33)
To: All
Date: Wed, 15.05.19 12:20

SW> DS> The echoes basically are in 3 statuses:

SW> DS> 1) Dead -- hardly any postings in them.
SW> DS> 2) Life Support -- kept alive by autopostings for BBS Ads, etc.
SW> DS> 3) Alive -- active with traffic.

SW> What would you consider the status of this particular echo?

From our message traffic, "on life support". Otherwise, "dead". Razz

In the BBS and Network Ads areas over here, I turned DUPLICATE
CHECKING ON, as several systems were posting the same message for their
BBS more than once a day, which obviously means several times a week. I
noted in some echoes, the moderators have noted "no more than 2 postings
of a BBS ad in a 1 week span", but that seems largely ignored.

Also, I don't consider messages over 30 days old as being "timely", so
once the original post is zapped, a new one can come in, and not be
thought of as a dupe over here.

Besides, folks should logon to a BBS because they WANT to -- NOT
because they have to. For me, the BBS is one of the last few hobbies
that I can still do, with my declining health. I have over 50 medical
conditions, with an 11 page med list (doctors, surgeries, meds, etc.Wink,
and they found degenerative disk disease in my spine a year and a half
ago. So, while most days, I'm the only logon, I do it for my
enjoyment...not only for the doorgames, but the banter in some of the



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