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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
To: All
Date: Fri, 24.12.10 14:59
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
Hello Michiel!

24 Dec 10 17:35, you wrote to me:

MV>>> He promised a lot, but he did not promise to do it all in two
MV>>> years.

RC>> No, but what he was delivering and the way it was being
RC>> delivered..

MV> Sorry, I do not understand. What you write does not parse...

and you are not a computer Hal..

In a nutshell, he was delivering socialism.. You grew up with it, we wont
tolerate it.

MV> Then so were the people who voted for him. Closing Gitmo clearly was
MV> in his election programme.

Ironic isnt it, they wanted him to get rid of it, but did not like what would
happen if he did.

RC>> The mortgage crisis triggered this economic meltdown and he didnt
RC>> cause it,

MV> It happened under his reign...

It happened not because anything he had done, The Mortgage crisis was no more
Bushes fault than it was Obama's..

RC>> But you can blame Bush for his spending.

MV> It is not me that should blame him. He was YOUR elected president. You
MV> should blame yourself.

and if I choose to blame him for eternity, what prize do I win?

RC>> The only thing is that Obama has spent more, you cant spend
RC>> yourself out of a bad economy.

RC>> But Bush isnt the President now, is he?

MV> No, but Obama inherited Bush's mess.

and Bush inherited Clintons, Clinton inherited H.W. Bush 's, H.W. Bush
inherited Reagans, Reagan inherited Carters, etc..

What is your point?

Obama will be judged by what he did, not by what he inherited, to constantly
blame Bush for Obama's shortcomings is stupid, Michiel.

RC>> It comes from the old days, when neither side wanted a mixed race
RC>> child, but the blacks accepted them more than the white would.

MV> That you still call someone with a black father and a white mother
MV> "black", shows that you still have not fully accepted that black and
MV> white people are equal.

Who are 'you" that you reference..

As a matter of fact, it was a theory you presented that brought this topic up,
dont try to project something that is not there, unless you are willing to
recieve it yourself? I could speculate that your parents were Nazi
collaborators, were they?

RC>> Actually thats a incorrect stereotype you have, or a prejudice
RC>> that you are "projecting"...

MV> I do not think so. See above.

I thought I smelled smoke..

RC>> But funny you make your remark anyways, since it was your
RC>> ancestors

MV> ...Which were also your ancestors... Or at least their cousins. You
MV> are of European descent are you not?

I have no Dutch ancestors..

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We hoped and we got change!

... Want to be and do evil, become a Democrat.
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