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From: Scott Little (3:712/848)
To: All
Date: Wed, 16.01.13 17:56
Lies, damned lies and statistics
[ On 2013-01-15 at 14:02:56, Kees van Eeten wrote to All ]

KE> I could not find when ZC3 moved to makenl_ng, but I beleive he has.

I've been using it as N712C since 2008-04-08 and as Z3C since 2010-02-10. I
don't know when Malcolm switched.

KE> Time for the sysops of fidonet to wait for the implementation of
KE> -Unpublished- without the Pvt tag: eternal.

This has been possible within Z3 since at least 2005-08-28. Both Malcolm and
myself used scripts to convert between the domestic and international formats.
Outgoing ZONE3 segments have the Pvt flag reinstated, incoming zone segments
have it removed, as well as replacing all forms of fake phone numbers with

KE> Wasted time of the developers of makenl_ng: ?????

The simple solution would be to use scripts to send backwards compatible
versions of each zone segment to Z4C, while everyone else uses the modern

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