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From: NIGHTFOX (1:124/5013)
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Date: Thu, 31.01.19 19:20
video cards
> all this talk about new rigs and such reminds me that i need to figure out
> how to fix my father's system... it has an ati radeon in it that was giving
> fits with winwhatever so we switched him to linux (kubuntu) and we're still
> having problems with the video drivers there... i've been out of the biz
> for too long and haven't kept up with all the hardware stuff... he just
> needs a fairly basic video card with opengl capabilities... i'll have to
> dig to find out what card and motherboard he has right now, though... i
> know that none of my existing video cards will work in his system...

I've always heard that Nvidia's Linux drivers are better than ATI's drivers.
I had an ATI card at one point (around 2006) and I found that installing the
driver required slightly more work than Nvidia, but I think the only major
thing was that ATI's driver required rebooting the machine whereas Nvidia's
drivers didn't. I'm not sure of the state of Nvidia vs. ATI/AMD's drivers in
Linux now though.



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