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From: NIGHTFOX (1:124/5013)
To: All
Date: Thu, 31.01.19 19:20
New build?
> $90 bucks for a burner, I got a blu-ray player for $15 like 3 years ago.
> Problem with blu-ray is you need high end software to use it, so tack on
> like $40 for a copy of powerDVD Ultra. Personally, I'd just skip optical
> altogether.

Where do you see blu-ray burners for $90? Newegg has them for $60.

I like high-def movies, but blu-ray can store a lot of data too. With 25GB
for a single-layer disc or 50GB for a double-layer disc, it can be a good
backup medium - although for backups, USB flash drives might be easier (but
which is cheaper right now might depend on the brand and speeds).



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