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From: ANDROID8675 (46:1/121)
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Date: Thu, 31.01.19 19:20
New build?
Re: New build?
By: Access Denied to All on Mon Aug 25 2014 07:49 pm

AD> So far I'm pretty set on the i7-4930k 6 core processor on an Asus Maximus
AD> VII Formula socket 1150 Z97 motherboard. That paired with the fact that
AD> the motherboard comes with Watch Dogs as well, I figured it was a better
AD> deal than spending the same and NOT getting a game with it. Smile

IMHO, watch dogs is crap.

AD> I'm diggin' the CFI Boreallight case (Black and orange), but plan to
AD> --(case, blah blah)-- --(fans, blah blah)--
AD> Corsair Dominator Platinum 32gb quad channel RAM seems to be decent, but
AD> for $100 less I could go with the G.Skill Ripjaw X Series 32gb ddr3
AD> 2133mhz, which seems quite comparable.
AD> If I do go this route, my i5 currently has an Nvidia GTX760 in it, so I
AD> may just grab a second one and throw them both into the new rig with SLI,
AD> Looking at the Corsair RM1000 watt power supply, mainly because it's about
AD> Anyone 'in the know' of the latest and greatest and care to share? Smile

That's a lot of $$$ for a game system, and you didn't even MENTION monitors. I
assume you're going with an i7 and 2 shitty video cards so you'll only be
driving 1 monitor? ASUS has a 27" 144hz gaming model that I highly recommend,
but you may need that second 760 to drive it correctly. the 27" is like
$500-$700, but they have a 24", 144hz, 1080p 3d gaming monitor (VG248QE) for
like $250, at that price you could get 3 of em for that surround gaming

I hate SLI, I think it's a waste of money, not to mention it's buggy as hell
(not as bad as it used to be...Wink, but sell the 760 and get a 8xx series when
they come out next month if money is no object.

My system is running 8gigs ram, it's a last gen quad core running XP & Debian7
as VMs, and I can game on it at 1080p@60fps. Unless you're thinking of running
a couple virtual machines and an SQL server, you don't need 32gigs ram, but I
guess if money isn't an issue, go for it. I'd move those funds to the monitors

Sorry if this message is strongly opinionated, the mobo is fine, but an i5
processor with 16gigs ram, a second video card (doesn't have to be sli) and 3
24" monitors are how i'd build a system these days.


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