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From: Maurice Kinal (2:280/464.113)
To: All
Date: Thu, 23.12.21 13:46
less is more
Hey Ward!

WD> I refuse to be old and people who treat me like that are in for
WD> a bad moment

So then your error would have been out of choice? That doesn't make any sense
... or does it?

WD> They do that only once.

Myself I just use cash. They are still accepting cash in this neck of the
woods. I have no idea what the check-out people think about cash but so far
none of them have made any attempt to explain how to exchange it for goods in
the shopping cart. I use a debit card occasionally but as a rule cash is king
with me.

For the record, you get no choice on senior's moments, they choose you.

Life is good,

... Se ðe him ealne weg ondræt, se bið swylce he sy ealne weg cwellende.
He who is always afraid is like one who is always dying.
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* Origin: Little Mikey's EuroPoint @ (2:280/464.113)


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