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From: Tim Schattkowsky (2:240/1120.29)
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Date: Tue, 07.12.21 15:34
Re^2: Re^2: Re^2: Valid conference names
//Hello Ward,//

on *06.12.21* at *8:57:13* You wrote in rea *FTSC_PUBLIC*
to *Tim Schattkowsky* about *"Re: Re^2: Re^2: Valid conference names"*.

TS>> Overall, the current version of WP is IMHO perfectly usable,
TS>> particularly if you dont mind that some of the less important modules
TS>> (e.g., area manager, file request editor) are still not localized.
WD> Enjoy the hobby and keep having fun with this ... I'm not ready to move
WD> away from my current set-up

No reason to fix it if its not broken. Also, personal preferences are quite
different when it comes to the user experience. I never liked anything
involving command line tools, configuration files and text user interfaces. I
know other people who prefer the absolute opposite.

WD> but I like it when others like yourself, Nick
WD> Andre, Rob Swindel, James Coyle and half of the Russian/Ukrainian part of
WD> the nodelist are enamored enough by Fidonet to sustain development of
WD> software...

Your right about this. It nowadays is just a fun thing. Todays Fidonet size
surely is not a justfication for spending any ressources. However, I still like
the idea and as much as my time and the current situation allow me to, I like
to support this.

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