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From: Tim Schattkowsky (2:240/1120.29)
To: All
Date: Sun, 05.12.21 21:14
Re^2: Valid conference names
//Hello Ward,//

on *02.12.21* at *9:34:12* You wrote in rea *FTSC_PUBLIC*
to *Rob Swindell* about *"Re: Valid conference names"*.

RS>>> > CONFERENCE is the name of the conference. The
RS>>> > conference name is composed of ASCII characters in
RS>>> > the range 33 to 96 and 123 to 126. The conference
RS>>> > name shall be no more than 60 characters in length.

RS>> And I thought 50 was the general accepted maximum echo-tag length. Sad

WD> 54

I have to admit that during the recent changes to WP I desperatly needed 8
bytes extra data per stored message while maintaining compatibility with
existing data (and even old WP versions operating on the data) ...

.. and ended up taking these 8 bytes from the area name field, reducing the
fully supported area name size internally to 51 characters+terminating zero.
That day I was under the assumption, that I had the 60-character limited
self-imposed ...

Since this not really existis in the wild, I should fix it ... but its
non-triavial as i REALLY needed those 8 bytes ... Damn!

--- WinPoint 380.2
* Origin: Original WinPoint Origin! (2:240/1120.29)

From: Ward Dossche (2:292/854)
To: All
Date: Mon, 06.12.21 00:33
Re: Re^2: Valid conference names

TS> Since this not really existis in the wild, I should fix it ... but its
TS> non-triavial as i REALLY needed those 8 bytes ... Damn!

I kinda like Rob Swindel's remark ... but I'm not an FTSC-member ...

Other than that ... Why 'Winpoint' ?

I think I can run a point with most any mailer-software ... what makes WP


--- DB4 - Dec 2 2021
* Origin: Hou het veilig, hou vol. Het komt allemaal weer goed (2:292/854)


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