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From: Rob Swindell (1:103/705)
To: All
Date: Wed, 01.12.21 20:49
Valid conference names
Re: Valid conference names
By: Nil Alexandrov to Tim Schattkowsky on Mon Nov 15 2021 08:25 am

> Hello, Tim!
> Monday November 15 2021 03:47, from Tim Schattkowsky -> All:
> TS> is there anyplace where it is defined, what a valid fidonet conference
> TS> name is (syntactically).

FSC-74 was never an adopted FidoNet standard however.

> > CONFERENCE is the name of the conference. The
> > conference name is composed of ASCII characters in
> > the range 33 to 96 and 123 to 126. The conference
> > name shall be no more than 60 characters in length.

And I thought 50 was the general accepted maximum echo-tag length. Sad

> TS> I would suspect, that it has to be latin letters only plus numbers and
> TS> a few special chars and matching the name is case-insensitve!?
> Technically, lower case letters are not allowed, but there are plenty of
> software in the wild which accept any letter case. Basically, echo tag is
> not case-sensitive.

If I were to define it, I would also specify that the first character of an
echo-tag must be alpha-numeric. Echo-tags beginning with '+' or '%' or other
special characters could be problematic.
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