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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
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Date: Thu, 23.12.10 16:51
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
Hello Janis!

23 Dec 10 10:43, you wrote to Michiel van der Vlist:

JK> My take is that over here, people are just plain upset... Obama
JK> promised us a change in government that would be tangible (which we
JK> thought was desperately needed). Now, a good number of us never
JK> thought given his previous history in Gov't, that Mr. Obama would
JK> actually take those steps.. but given the choices in that Presidential
JK> election, he got our vote. A number of us expected he would act like
JK> other 'Blue Dog Democrats' (Clinton for example) in staying in a safe
JK> territory given his past political history.. and he has.

It is easy to campaign on or for change, being able to deliver it that is
tricky part.

Obama was either too naive or a brilliant politician in making those promises.
Those that believed him were too gullible.

Obama fully intended to deliver on his promises, he however has learned that it
is easier said than done.

You people bitched like babies because you thought the Bush was ruling from the
far right, yet you abhor the fact that people felt the same way about Obama
ruling from the far left.

The real question is what makes the left wing more righteous than the right
wing, or the right wing more righteous than the left?

You live in a state that has one of the nations highest tax rates, yet you
support a political party that gets its jollies out of wanting to raise them,
and punish anyone who has succeeded, go figure..

JK> I think (my own personal opinion at least) that the people who voted
JK> the Democratic Majority out of the house recently did so because they
JK> are sick and tired of War (it is maybe worse!Wink, they are sick and
JK> tired of the economy - The "Majority" isn't a pile of conservatives..
JK> it's a pile of angry people.. upset at what their votes have
JK> "wrought".. for the most part, no change at all.

The economy and spending..

Of course what is real telling that Rangels sheep in Harlem re-elected him
despite the pending woes he would face.

>>> Don't count those few conservative hangers-on..
>> A "few" is not what it looks like from here...

JK> The media doesn't help that impression... but guess who pretty much
JK> owns the media ..

George Soros?

Excluding Fox, the rest of the media has always been left wing friendly.

JK> That's good.. There was a time when that cult was seriously considered
JK> a dangerous entity.. Horror stories came back home here in NY from my
JK> sister in LA during the worst of it..

>> Ron Hubbard was a lousy SF writer too... ;-)

JK> Lol - Boy was he ever Smile

No dianetics for you.. Smile

>> Bank of America also cut the Wikileaks account...
JK> They're outrageous, and I'm glad we don't bank with them ...

Remember this, the next time an institution refuses to stop doing business with
someone you think should be cut off?

Thats the connundrum we all face when dealing with issues with more than one
side, each thinks they are right, the others are wrong, but how do you
determine who is right, outside the faith each side has in their viewpoints? Do
not confuse these questions as taking any sides in the WIKILEAKS business, take
the question in general, for the topic doesnt matter.

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We hoped and we got change!

... Democrats are like a farm pond, THE SCUM always rises to the top.
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