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From: Michael Dukelsky (2:5020/1042)
To: All
Date: Thu, 23.11.06 22:44
Hello Jeff,

Thursday November 23 2006, Jeff Smith wrote to Michael Dukelsky:

MB>>> Can't believe people don't keep more reliable means of backup
MB>>> (shrug).

MD>> It is not clear why he has made a "backup" on a disk in the same
MD>> computer. Either he does not know what is a real backup or he has
MD>> no other possibilities. We'll ask him after he shows up again.

JS> People have a different concept of backups I think. Here one of
JS> the PC's goes out on the network and backs up the important stuff from
JS> the other PC's onto a mirrored hard drive. I also burn a monthly
JS> backup onto a DVD.

At my system it goes the similar way. The daily backup is made to another
computer in ~20 km from the main one via Internet by a private file echo. I
burn a monthly backup onto a DVD either.


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