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From: Bjrn Felten (2:203/2)
To: All
Date: Tue, 21.11.06 16:58
PR> Don't count on it continuing as the Greenland ice-cap melts.
PR> The "Atlantic Conveyor" shuts off the Gulf Stream when fresh
PR> water flods the straights between Iceland & Greenland.

Alas, that's true. Already in the late 1980's the US navy reported that
their under-water listening devices (to detect Soviet subs) went rather silent,
as the hissing sound from the stream slowly disappeared.

So it's already on it's way -- the stream is now running only on it's own
momentum since the "pump" has stopped. Soon we'll have the same climate here in
Scandinavia and the rest of northern Europe, as in Alaska and northern Canada
(located on the same latitude). Sad

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