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From: Andrew Leary (1:320/119)
To: All
Date: Tue, 02.10.12 01:57
MakeNL versioning
Hello Rj!

Saturday September 29 2012 12:00, Rj Clay wrote to All:

RC> I think those of us doing 'official' changes (i.e., in the code
RC> repository) should stop using letters in version numbers. It's a good
RC> idea for those who don't have such access, to indicate what version
RC> their changes are against, but I think that we should just use that
RC> third digit without any letters to indicate a patch revision/hot fix
RC> like usual.

That's fine with me.

RC> Note that I also think that the next release should be v3.3.0,
RC> after we're done with testing the various patches... (Whenever we
RC> think that has happened...Wink

If I can find the problem I'm having with receipt messages in the OS/2 version,
we should be close to a release. We've addressed most of the open items in the
bug tracker.


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