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From: Tony Langdon (3:633/410.1)
To: All
Date: Thu, 06.01.22 13:55
Join VKRadio
Welcome to VKRadio
VKRadio is a hobbyist radio communication oriented network, with a focus on
friendly interaction and user input into the content and future direction of
the net.

All with an interest in radio communication are welcome in this net. It
is suggested, but not mandatory that either real names or amateur callsigns
(if you have one) be used as your handle on the net.

Rules for this net are simple. Firstly, respect each other. No
discrimination, vilification or harassment is acceptable. Secondly,
No discussions encouraging illegal activity.

Finally, and most importantly, have fun!

Message Echo Areas on VKRadio:

VK_QSO - General chat about any subject, not limited to radio communication.

VK_PROPOSAL - Ideas for furthering the net go in here to be discussed.
Post your ideas for improving the net, so we can make it
even better!

VK_STUDY - Anything related to studying for your amateur licence, including
but not limited to questions, study tips, links to resources, etc.
As this is an international echo, it is suggested to include
mention of the relevant country or region when posting.

VK_ECHOIRLP - Discussion about the EchoIRLP dual system node and EchoLink/
IRLP interoperability (gated mailing list).

VK_REF9550 - IRLP Reflector 9550 and associated Echolink conferences (*VK3JED*,
*VKEMCOMM*, *AUSSIE*) information, status updates and user
discussion. Also available as a mailing list.
See for details.

VK_NEWS - News postings of interest to radio hobbyists. Bots are permitted
if they are posting relevant news items.

VK_PEDALRADIO - Discussion of radio operation from bicycles and other
human powered vehicles (gated mailing list).

VK_HAMNET - Amateur radio discussion. This echo is an experiment and is gated
other networks. Nets interested in hosting this echo are more than
welcome to contact me by email at Feeds can
be arranged using FTN, QWK and NNTP.

File Echos on VKradio:

VK_NODE - VKRadio nodelist distribution.
VK_INFO - VKRadio network information..
VK_SOFTWARE - Radio related application software (all platforms).
VK_UTILS - Radio related utilities (all platforms).

Application Form - send to
VKRadio - Application

BBS / System Name........:
BBS Software.............:
Operating System.........:
Telnet address...........:
Website URL..............:
Email Address............:
Mail tosser..............:
Area/Filefix Password....:
FTN or QWK feed..........:
(FTN is preferred)Wink

If you don't run a BBS, please state a system name you will be known by. Non B

Your Binkp details (fill in if using FTN)


Session Password:
Binkp address...:
IPv4 or IPv6?...: (if in doubt, choose IPv4)
Crash or Hold...:

Your QWK details (fill in if using QWK)

BBSID (will be your login)

--- Mystic BBS v1.12 A45 (Raspberry Pi/32)
* Origin: The Bridge - (3:633/410.1)


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