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From: Ward Dossche (2:292/854)
To: All
Date: Tue, 15.05.12 17:35
Forwarded from ZCC-echo - "Echo confidentiality breach"

In the past I have advocated to make this echo read-only available to the

Fellow-ZCs have argued against that citing much needed confidentiality in our
interactions and I went along with that majority viewpoint.

However, it now seems that one of the people linked in this conference has been
feeding non-involved recipients and making public archives available.

I have asked the person whom has been pointed out to me as being the culprit
for a clarification, but even that small courtesy was too much asked and
remained unanswered. "He" doesn't answer while we maintain a direct link and
communication would be 100% secure, meaning it wouldn't pass a system whose
sysop is known to read and act upon in-transit netmail.

For that reason, and because I've got a pretty good netmail connection with all
ZCs, my communications will henceforth be sent as netmail, that way the leak is

My appologies to all former-ZCs linked here. If you would like to be the
recipient of such netmails and stay in the loop, then you'll need to arrange a
secure binkd-access here.

Take care,


--- D'Bridge 3.59
* Origin: Many Glacier / Protect - Preserve - Conserve (2:292/854)


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