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From: Robert Clay (1:120/546)
To: All
Date: Mon, 28.11.11 12:27
Questions ...

> On 21 Nov 11 11:57, Election Coordinator wrote to All:
>> You can all grill the candidates now. ;-)

> I have some general questions I would like every candidate to answer. They
> are in no particular order, but I think number 3 and 4 are the most
> important. (Rober Clay only answered number 2 to some extent):

>1) Why do you want to join the FTSC or what are your reasons to join the FTSC?

In order to help ensure it is available and up-to-date.

>2) What are your credentials and is your history in fidonet and real live, tha
> makes you think you will be a valuable member of the FTSC?

Besides what I've already mentioned, there is also that I am an Perl module
and/or Perl script author which has FTSC documentation as a reference.

>3) Or more specific, what makes you a good documenter of current practice? And
> what experience do you have with creating documentation?

I've been reading, creating, and/or updating technical documemtation for
almost 40 years (counting only since I got my original training, not since I
started just reading it...); hardware, initially, then software.

> 4) What contributions to the documentation do you intend to make once you are
> chosen into the FTSC?

Whatever comes up as needed and/or neccessary.


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* Origin: Rocasa BBS (1:120/546)


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