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From: Richard Menedetter (2:310/31)
To: All
Date: Tue, 24.07.18 17:03
Hi Tony!

24 Jul 2018 19:26, from Tony Langdon -> Richard Menedetter:

RM>> What kind of repeater do you want to integrate it into?
TL> An existing FM repeater. The radios do pass digital modes (D-STAR has
TL> been tested and works well on the hardware). A local ham has
TL> developed a controller board that can integrate analogue and digital
TL> linking systems into the one repeater.

Sounds interesting ...
Would be great if you could keep us updated on this ;)

PS: Just ordered my POCSAG Pager + one additional for a friend.

CU, Ricsi

... May your neighbors kid have their violin lessons during your hangovers.
--- GoldED+/LNX
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