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From: Ron Kinney (1:104/115)
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Date: Thu, 13.12.18 23:16
Apple Watch ECG
Re: Apple Watch ECG
By: Roman Litvinenko to Ron Kinney on Thu Dec 13 2018 09:32 pm

> Could not agree more. I've been messing around with it on my way from work
> in the subway - it is
> trully a great feature, and it is FDA certified.
> I can see a graph which can be exported to a PDF and sent to a doctor -
> impressive. I have never had a heart disease,
> but for those who does it's a lifesaver together with the fall detection.
> Series 4 is a great upgrade.

Did you upgrades yours from a previous version of the Apple Watch? I ended up
upgraded from series 3 to series 4 and unforunately get less battery life with
the series 4. Thats my only complaint.

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