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From: Daryl Stout (1:19/33)
To: n/a
Date: Mon, 11.06.18 14:34
H>Morning Daryl

Good morning.

H>Nice job, takes a lot to impress me!

H>But I must say I'm impressed you did a great job with Tim's theme. How I miss
H>him I could use his help on my upload/download troubles that no one on FB
H>VBBS/VA site seems to help with.

He was also very sarcastic...but as he and his (now widowed) wife
noted, "We only pick on the ones we love".

One night, we were on either Skype or Ventrilo, discussing issues (he
was the teacher Wink, and I said "If I run into trouble, I can give him
a ring"...meaning a phone call.

I was instantly cut off by Tim, who said "Boy, you're a cheap date and
a pervert. You're not my type, and want to go right to the wedding!!".
He and his wife were roaring in laughter, and all I could say was "I am
so RED!!". Razz

H>Back to the original topic, I like your work!

Well, Tim showed me how to modify the Banner Exchange file. Originally
when I set it up, it'd allow logins from the website, but it doesn't
now, which is just as well. I do provide an FTelnet link below the
networks a listing for someone who may not know what a
BBS really is. I couldn't get the door scores to display, so I just took
them off the website. Besides, users can view them in the Online
Bulletins Viewer door...that's one of the few available for New,
Unverified, or Guest callers.

His wife (now widow) Diane, was going to recreate a lightning bolt
animation that I lost awhile back...but I told her, with the picture of
myself (as Sysop), my late wife (which the BBS is run in memory of), and
Tim Cornett (which the website is run in memory of), it keeps his legacy



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* Origin: FIDONet: The Thunderbolt BBS - (1:19/33)


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