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From: Daryl Stout (1:19/33)
To: n/a
Date: Wed, 06.06.18 21:02
I've made The Thunderbolt BBS a hybrid system...with the ATI Red
Theme, done by the late Tim Cornett, for the website (as I didn't care
for the default web theme of Synchronet), and Synchronet for the telnet
and FTelnet end of it.

Tim passed away in early 2018, and he was a great help for me when I
was running VADV32. I created an image of 3 pictures on the
website...from left to right:

1) Yours truly (the Sysop)
2) My late wife, Janice E.H. Stout (the BBS is run in her memory).
3) The late Tim Cornett (the website is run in his memory).

It can be seen at -- and I did include links
to logon via FTelnet...and even info on "what a BBS is", for those who
might stumble on the site by accident.

I sent a copy of the image to Tim's widow, Diane...and she said "Nice
job". Smile Both of us wonderful memories of our spouses...that no one can
take away.



--- SBBSecho 3.04-Win32
* Origin: FIDONet: The Thunderbolt BBS - (1:19/33)


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