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From: Leslie Given (1:275/91)
To: All
Date: Sun, 28.01.18 18:40
Re: Maximus/Irex/Squish
On 01/05/18, Wayne Robinson said the following...

WR> So i ve setup Maximus DOS version with squish and BT as a FD for the
WR> Dial up side and IREX to do the mail handeling.... I can recieve mail no
WR> issues when i squish out mail it puts it in the ourbound but IREX does
WR> not detect it to send... so it just sits there.. I also did this with
WR> NETMAIL sent something to a address and its still sitting there to be
WR> sent a week later... not sure when im doing wrong here...

I might be able to help with th irex part, because I have it also working with
a few other dos boards to transfer their mail. In your rexcfg under Files,
paths & programs/Frontend mailer setup. Mailer type are you using what type?
Binkley and compatible? or *.PKT mailer? Have you look over the irex manual
PDF file yet? Sorry but I don't know much about what Maximus supports.

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