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From: Jon Justvig (1:298/25)
To: All
Date: Sun, 05.03.17 18:19
Filegate file releases.
> * Original Post FileGate
> * Copied to IFDC

> A reminder to ALL FDN Coordinators that you should ONLY be sending out
> filenames!

> In otherwords, this DOES NOT WORK:

> legl0055.tar.gz

> To Jon: you need to store (not archive) this in a zip envelope, like

> zip -jm0 legl0055.tar.gz

> I thought we went through this before???

I don't recall the instance and I had sent a non-8X3 filename archive a
moment ago named legl0057.tar.gz, please disregard. I stored the archive
in a zip envelope like you had instructed and sent it.


Jon Justvig (1:298/25)
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