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From: Allen Prunty (1:2320/100)
To: All
Date: Fri, 03.03.17 23:40
Filegate file releases.
> A reminder to ALL FDN Coordinators that you should ONLY be sending out 8X3
> filenames!

I know I'm still pretty new to the Filegate crowd, but I am most
curious as to why we are still sticking to the 8x3 filenames. Just
about every software out there, and computers that are modern, use
longer filenames.

I can understand 8x3 for systems that are still running legacy
software. But even some of the legacy software can do long filenames.

The major systems online are running HTICK, and other modalities that
can handle long filenames. Synchronet and Mystic can handle the long
filenames and I would guess with the Linux roots so can BBBS. So why
must we still restrict the linux systems that can handle the long

Why are we preserving legacy filenames on file echos that probably
won't be accessed by a legacy system?

I'm just curious.

> zip -jm0 legl0055.tar.gz

Thank you ... this will be quite useful for me in the future.

--- SBBSecho 3.00-Win32
* Origin: LiveWire BBS - Synchronet - (1:2320/100)


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