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From: Kevin Koch (1:3634/24)
To: All
Date: Fri, 06.08.21 05:39
i have some ocean front property in northern arizona
To anyone who believes that the c*vid is as nasty as the media says it is,

I have some ocean front property in arizona to sell you.

And I don't care about the CDC.

Choose your own medical treatments.

It is ONLY $19.99!
If you catch the martian varient of covid WITH *PROOF* OF INFECTION,
you WILL receive

Payment option will be a dollar sent to you every year in federal reserve
$10,000,000 in monopoly money..

Do NOT be caught without this if you are traveling to Mars.

... Confucius say: "Man who runs behind car gets exhausted"

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From: Aaron Thomas (1:275/99)
To: All
Date: Tue, 10.08.21 03:44
Re: i have some ocean front property in northern arizona
KK> To anyone who believes that the c*vid is as nasty as the media says it
KK> is, then:

I tend to agree with you, but I'm an always-masker. Forget catching anything
from anyone ever again, is how I feel. Democrat-protoge Joe Biden removed the
mask mandate so nobody has to wear a mask anywhere. This is just a plan b
coverup for that ol cheesball cracker. Got to protect the family by making
sure they can't breathe! ;) It makes me wonder if the Democrats really aren't
in-on the whole covid industry, because they're either in or they're
incredibly ignorant for all the un-necessary destruction they did in a tiny
amount of time. I only hope they are ready to sit their old asses down about
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