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From: Mike Dippel (3:640/1116)
To: All
Date: Thu, 30.12.21 16:27
Mystic Hobbies BBS
Mystic Hobbies BBS
Running the latest version of Mystic


NEW USERS now have AUTOMATIC access to most doors and to download files.

Read and post messages locally and on International networks such as
FIDO, fsxNet, WhispNet and now HobbyNet (hub)

HobbyNet is a small FTN echomail network set up by Mike Dippel to support
Sysops who want to provide hobby-related topics for their users.

How to join... Joining is as simple as completing an online form, and setting
up the necessary message and file echoes. You will then be sent an email
any necessary details, and we will begin sending you messages.

If interested in carrying HobbyNet, please go to

Info packets are downloadable from there.

Mike Dippel
Posted by wsPost version 1.1.0 Registered to The Hobby Line! BBS
--- Platinum Xpress/Win/WINServer v7.0
* Origin: The Hobby Line! BBS (3:640/1116)


This forum contains echomail areas hosted on Nightmare BBS You can browse local echomail areas, italian fidonet areas and a selection of international fidonet areas, reading messages posted by users in Nightmare BBS or even other BBSs all over the world. You can find file areas too (functional to fidonet technology). You can browse echomail areas and download files with no registration, but if you want to write messages in echomail areas, or use fidonet netmail (private messages with fidomet technology), you have to register. Only a minimal set of data is required, functional to echomail and netmail usage (name, password, email); a registration and login with facebook is provided too, to allow easy registration. If you won't follow rules (each echomail areas has its own, regularly posted in the echomail), your account may be suspended;