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From: t trigger the poll... a ?LO file (1:266/404)
To: All
Date: Wed, 01.12.99 01:00
und/010a0194.clo 5. sit back and watch binkd send the request and pi




1. Create a file containing the magic or actual file name(s) of the
desired file(s)... i'll use my master files list and the fido history
archive in this example... both of these are magic names on my


2. Move the REQ file to your proper outbound directory for zone 1 since
i'm in zone 1... in my case, this is just the /outbound folder you have
configured in binkd... for others it would be /outbound.001 if zone 1
is not their primary zone...

move WPUSA.REQ /.../outbound/wpusa.req

[ yes i renamed the REQ file to all lower case in the move to show that
one can move and rename at the same time ;) ]

3. Create a poll file containing a pointer to the REQ file in the
outbound directory... the poll file must be the hex net and node as
shown in the example above... a REQ file by itself will not trigger the
poll... a ?LO file is required...

echo ^/binkd/outbound/wpusa.req >> /binkd/outbound/010a0194.clo

The '^' in the above tells binkd to delete the req file after it has
been sent... the full path to the REQ file is needed... it may reside
anywhere and is not required to be in the outbound with using this

4. Sit back and watch binkd send the request and pick up the files
and/or response messages...



I just tested both of these and they worked properly If one is using
fileboxes for a system they want to FREQ from, i would
imagine that just placing the REQ file in the filebox would work
without the need to create the ?LO file or mess with the hex format
naming stuff... as long as the file has the REQ extension it should

All other non-MAGIC files available via FTP @:


Report generated by: htick/w32-mvcdll 1.9.0-cur 30-6-15
--- SBBSecho 3.03-Win32
* Origin: TequilaMockingbird Online - Toms River, NJ (1:266/404)


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