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From: August Abolins (1:396/45.29)
To: All
Date: Thu, 18.02.21 22:38
Perseverance rover to land on Mars tomorrow!
Hello Alan Ianson!

** On Thursday 18.02.21 - 02:57, Alan Ianson wrote to Sonya Weasner:

SW>> The Perseverance rover will be landing on Mars tomorrow at
SW>> 11:15 PST! This is super exciting! Does anyone plan to
SW>> watch the landing live?

AI> I plan to watch if I can catch it.

I completely forgot about it. I had it scheduled as a reminder
in my iPod, but I forgot the iPod at home this morning.

SW>> One thing I think that is really neat is that there is a
SW>> helicopter strapped to the belly of the rover...

AI> That'll be interesting. I don't know how much atmosphere
AI> there is on Mars, 1% of Earth's (maybe) so that helicopter
AI> has to be small and light, yet the propellers have to spin
AI> very fast. We'll see how it goes.. Smile

I bet the fine martian dust will muck up the rotors very
quickly. There is no service station on mars to repairs things
like that. Very Happy

SO.. was the landing captured well? One of the pics post-
landing is just black and white. Isn't this multi-billion $
rover equipped with a colour cameras?

I think I noticed a recorded 2hr program of the event on YT.


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