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From: Sonya Weasner (3:770/100)
To: All
Date: Thu, 31.12.20 19:38
2021 events to look forward to
2021 should be a good year - hopefully in terms of covid improving, but also
in terms of astronomical events!

Here are a few coming up to look forward to:
- Quadruple formation of the moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn on March 9-10
- Total lunar eclipse (or blood moon!Wink on May 26
- Venus/Mars conjunction on July 12
- Perseid meteor shower on August 12-13
- Draconid meteor shower on October 8
- Total solar eclipse (sadly over Antarctic only!Wink on December 4

Are there others you know of that you are looking forward to?

Keep your eyes to the skies! Smile


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