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From: Scott Hazen Mueller (1:396/4)
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Date: Sun, 14.06.20 12:57
Rec.arts.sf.announce moderation policies [last modified: 1997-08-15 17:
From: (Scott Hazen Mueller)

The newsgroup rec.arts.sf.announce is for the posting of announcements that
would be of interest to the entire world Usenet Science Fiction community.
The intent is that every Usenet reader in the world who is interested in
SF should be able to subscribe to rec.arts.sf.announce without being
overwhelmed by volume.

Please check the companion posting "Rec.arts.sf.announce posting guidelines"
for information on how your should format your postings and what extra
information is required, such as location of event.

Content is restricted to announcements only. Discussions are not
appropriate material. If you are announcing a meeting for an
organization that is not well-known, please feel free to include
a short statement of the organization's history and purpose as a
part of the announcement posting. Please do not send us background
material as separate postings; it will be sent back to you.

In the interest of minimizing the turnaround time between receipt of a
submission and when it is approved and posting, we are doing only the bare
minimum of editing. This means that we will not be rewriting header lines,
even if the content does not appear to accurately describe the submission.
Please direct comments about such matters to the submitters and not to the

Per the official charter, the following are appropriate postings:

Announcements of happenings in the SF world, such as cons, including
calls for con participation, readings, deaths, honors, new SF mailing
lists, periodic postings of rec.arts.sf subgroup charters and other
administrivia, signings, TV specials, meetings, shop openings and
closings, etc. Not for personal or commercial ads.

The moderators are:

scott@zorch.SF-Bay.ORG (Scott Hazen Mueller), primary (Angela Marie Thomas), backup (Leanne Phillips) is providing introductory
material for the rec.arts.sf groups.

All regularly posted material, such as the introductory material and this
posting will have Subject: lines beginning with "Rec.arts.sf".

The submission address is:


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