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From: Scott Hazen Mueller (1:396/4)
To: All
Date: Sun, 14.06.20 12:57
Rec.arts.sf.announce posting guidelines [last modified: 1997-08-15 17:4
From: (Scott Hazen Mueller)

In order to make rec.arts.sf.announce useful to as many readers as possible,
we would like you to follow some simple format and content guidelines:

1) Postings should be short; the ideal posting would be less than 50 lines.

2) Please format your postings for 80-column screens, as that is the most
common screen size on the net.

3) Please check your spelling and grammar.

4) If you are posting to announce an event, such as a convention or a
signing, please include the location of the event in the Subject line.
For example:

Subject: Los Angeles, CA - Joe Schmoe at Soo Foo Books.

5) It still takes up to a few days for postings to get to the fringes of
Usenet. Please allow 3-5 working days for your submission to be processed,
and as much as another 2-3 days before you see your posting where you read

6) Please include a Keywords: line in your submission. If you are
using a mailer or other interface that doesn't allow you to create a
Keywords: header, simply include the Keywords line in the body of your

Suggested standard Keywords:

administrivia, award, birth, closing, convention, death, honor, lecture,
mailing list, meeting, miscellaneous, opening, reading, signing, seminar,
television special

7) If you are submitting something as a prospective regular posting, the
posting should have a Subject line beginning with "Rec.arts.sf".

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