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From: Nicholas Boel (1:154/10)
To: All
Date: Sat, 28.08.21 09:33
Set Newscan Date
Hello Kevin,

On Mon Aug 23 2021 10:58:02, you wrote to All:

KB> Hello, I have an interesting issue. This has happened with more than
KB> one FTN so far. Not sure if I have a setting set incorrectly
KB> somewhere.

KB> When I join a new FTN, and send areafix a %RESCAN and I end up with
KB> thousands of new messages I obviously go to set a newscan date.

KB> The problem is, I still randomly end up with some echo bases not
KB> actually updating with the newscan date and still have 1000+ unread in
KB> one base.

KB> I assumed maybe this was just a fluke the first time. So, I did it
KB> again, same results for that single FTN. Since then, I have seen it
KB> with two other FTN's that I have setup.

KB> Any ideas?

I'm going to guess that newscan dates (specifically to echomail) is based on
when the messages arrive on your system. So rescanned messages would all be
considered arriving on your system the same day/time you do the rescan.

During the rescan, you would have to specify how far back to rescan messages in
your netmail to the hub, with the rescan options provided from Areafix. (ie: 30
days, etc).


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