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From: Rick Smith (1:105/10)
To: All
Date: Wed, 18.08.21 07:43
Python pi
Greetings Jay!

Wednesday August 18 2021 09:51, you wrote to me about an urgent matter!:

JH> * Forwarded from area 'MYSTIC'
JH> On 17 Aug 2021, Rick Smith said the following...

RS>> I am on the latest pi pre-alpha.. I have noticed that python does
RS>> not work at all not the mystic python demo, bbslink, nothing when
RS>> I try to run anything python now I get cannot initialize python
RS>> in red across the screen. Any thoughts? I have 2.7.15 python
RS>> installed.

JH> Go to Configuration -> General Settings and clear out any paths in
JH> Python2 Library and Python3 Library.

JH> Once I did that on my Pi install it just started working again for me.

Genius Jay thankyou very much! That did the trick, you would not believe how
much time I spent on that yesterday... I even reinstalled python just in
case.....Thanks again...


Rick Smith (Nitro)

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