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From: August Abolins (1:396/45.29)
To: All
Date: Sat, 01.01.22 21:32
Are there any audiophiles left here?
Hello Wilfred!

** On Saturday 01.01.22 - 20:30, you wrote to me:

AA>> I only mentioned it because it too operates XP, and seems
AA>> perfectly fine with AppleLossless versions.

WvV> I don't know about AppleLossLess, and how it compares to
WvV> Flac.

And I only mentioned it because I find iTunes (as a local
program) operates very nicely as a music database. I didn't
want to mess around with transferring/importing my all my music
files and relearn yet-another music program when iTunes is
pretty darn good at what it does. It even supports streaming
files across a LAN to another pc that has iTunes.

AA>> ..The fellow has a fine hifi system. He found no
AA>> discernable differences.

WvV> There shouldn't be any difference. They all produce the
WvV> same bytes that go into your DA converter for playback.

Short of hooking up a scope and/or other measuring devices, our
audio tests were very specific. We tested recordings with
quiet passages, and specific recordings that featured super low
pipe-organ notes. They all seemed to reproduce in FLAC and
AppleLossless equally well.

--- OpenXP 5.0.51
* Origin: (1:396/45.29)


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