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From: Marc Lewis (1:396/45)
To: All
Date: Mon, 25.06.18 00:04
| This is the VATICAN echo. It contains principally news releases |
| from the Vatican Information Service (V.I.S.Wink [AKA "VIS" in News |
| Release/AP-UPI format.] The V.I.S. is located in Vatican City, |
| Italy (Rome). The V.I.S. is a Holy See (part of the Roman |
| Catholic Church) information system instituted within the |
| framework of the Holy See Press Office which furnishes information |
| on the pastoral and magisterial activity of the Holy Father and |
| the Holy See. V.I.S. deals primarily with the acts and |
| nominations of the Holy Father; syntheses of his homilies and |
| speeches, presentations and communications relative to documents |
| written by the Holy Father or departments of the Apostolic See, |
| Holy See activities (congregations, councils, synods, etc.); and |
| communiques and positions taken by the Holy See normally made |
| public through the Press Office. During the month of August when |
| VIS is closed other pertinent articles will be posted to the Echo. |
The rules are simple:

1) The VATICAN echo is read-only in nature and is provided for
information purposes only.

2) Please do not post messages to the echo. The Moderator is the
only person authorized to post.

3) Folks that repeatedly violate rule #2 may be subject to a link

4) If you must communicate something to the Moderator, please do
so in NetMail or e-mail. All "moderation" messages will be sent
via routed netmail to Nodelisted systems or to the BossNode of
Point systems with a carbon copy to the Point.

5) If you use any of the material posted in this echo for articles
in any publication, observe international copyright laws and
_credit_the_source_. (VIS, not the echo.Wink

6) These rules are subject to revision at any time by the
Moderator. Updates are posted on a regular basis to the ECHOLIST
robot. Rules are posted to the echo on a monthly basis on or about
the 25th of the month.

Posts to the moderator should be done by NetMail or e-mail at one
of the following addresses:

FidoNet: 1:396/45

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