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From: Martin Foster (2:310/31.3)
To: All
Date: Thu, 30.12.21 09:15
OpenXP 5.0.51 released
Hello August!

*** Tuesday 28.12.21 at 20:30, August Abolins wrote to Martin Foster:

MF>> OpenXP 5.0.51 has been released and is available for download from the
MF>> following URLs .....

AA> I am onboard with .51 too.

Nice to hear Smile

AA> Looking forward to try the on-the-fly Origin lines

Yep, it's a really nice feature, IMO SmileWink

AA> and ROT13.

I have questions, see below .....

AA> I really LIKE this one:

AA> - Highlighting of replies in Fido network now affects all
AA> Fido identities, not just identity of primary Fido server

Thought you might like that one.

AA> [o] I put a desk and a blackboard in my bedroom.
AA> Lbh xabj.. gb znxr vg pynffl.

AA> [o] Whenever I go near a bank.. V trg jvguqenjny flzgbzf.

AA> [o] What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
AA> V qba'g xabj naq V qba'g pner.

AA> [o] The healthiest part of a doughnut is the hole.
AA> Unfortunately.. lbh unir gb rng gur erfg bs gur qbhtuahg gb trg
AA> gurer.

AA> [o] If sex with three people is a threesome, and sex with two
AA> people is a twosome, now I understand why.. gurl pnyy zr
AA> unaqfbzr.

..... how did you manage to encode some parts of the message and not the
whole message?

..... how do I decode the encoded parts?


--- OpenXP 5.0.51
* Origin: Jab-Happy Land (2:310/31.3)


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