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From: Janis Kracht (1:261/38)
To: All
Date: Fri, 17.11.17 15:15
The Collectors Newsletter No. 1108 November 17 2017
6. Be sure to visit our boards on Pinterest!

See what's posted to our Thanksgiving board here:

Visit our board for November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine
topaz-and-citrine/ [wraps]

Topaz and citrine are appropriate birthstones for November birthdays. Topaz:
gemstone in a rich rainbow of colors. Prized for several thousand years in
antiquity, all yellow gems in antiquity were called topaz. Citrine, the other
birthstone for November is known as the "healing quartz", said to support
vitality and health while encouraging and guiding hope, energy warmth within
the wearer. Citrine can be found in a many shades from pastel yellow to dark
brownish orange. see more at

Feel free to stop by and check out all of our boards and while you're there,
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We've also started an Instagram page, so please be sure to follow us there too! We recently added quite a number of really
unique items there!We now have a Instagram button at the top of the page at, along with the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest buttons.

--- BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Toy-3
* Origin: Prism bbs (1:261/38)


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